This Girl is on Fire

Hello 2018!!!

But more importantly, Hello to you party people!

I know, it’s been… a while. A LOT has happened. People have come. People have gone. There’s been reunions and funerals, both literally and figuratively. However, this year, 2018, I’ve decided, will be all about wellness, truth and positivity. I went through the grieving period, went through trials and tribulations. Girlfriends, to be completely honest… I went through HELL and back. BUT I came out the fire no longer afraid of it; I might go as far to say I embrace it.

I learned a lot about myself, the good the bad and the ugly. I overcame obstacles I wouldn’t wish on any one. And I did it without losing my mind, by the grace of God!

You know from my previous posts that MS can be any one of the four letter words (pick one and you would be accurate). But, I have to say. Once I fully accepted that this disease for what it is. And owned it! Child! It was like the light shined upon me! The energy I was using to fighting myself is now used to help myself. No more doubt, no more shame, no more wishing things were the way they were before, just pure acceptance.

Isn’t it funny how we do that? Once something bad happens, we immediately want to be transported back to the “good ole days”.

We spend our time thinking:

“I wish I could go back when/to”

“It was so much easier when I was able to do x, y, z…”

“Man.. This dress would be so much cuter with heels. I wish I could still wear those Alice and Olivia’s.”

Okay, I’m sure the last one is probs just me. But, you get what I’m saying, right?

Listen, if things were supposed to stay how they were before they would have. If your life were easier back then maybe you would still be in the same place. If the dress really did look better with the heels, you would be able to wear them!

But maybe, just maybe, you’re facing what you’re facing, going through what you’re going through because it serves a bigger purpose. Notice that was a statement, not a question. The purpose might have nothing to even do with you, who cares? Go through it, grow through it and be better! For your loved ones, for the people you think aren’t even paying attention to you, but are, for you. Just do it and grow through it!



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