“I’ll Say A Little Prayer for You”

I’m not sure about you, but routines are a little tricky for me. Yeah, I know they’re great and all but sometimes I have a little trouble making sure I follow through. Anyone else with me?

I decided it might be important to revisit why having a routine is needed, and found an article on examinedexistence.com* to help me out. If you already know this or are giving me a HEAVY eye roll, my apologies. But sometimes you need to read/hear things more than once 100 times before it sinks in. If that’s also you let’s continue…

I’ve gone through the top 5 reasons to have a routine below:

    Routines provide a sense of structure and familiarity. I read somewhere that making your bed every morning will improve your sense of accomplishment. Let’s give it up for those of us that make our beds every morning!
    Routines build good habits. Insert the make the bed phenomena again. But let’s also look at this quote “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” – Ben Franklin So maybe having that routine will make you a better human and in turn make the world a better place.
    Increases efficiency. The act of automation increases efficiency in your life, by enabling you to do things without consciously thinking about it. Maybe this is why there are people who are at the gym before 5 am, it becomes automatic.
    Negates the need for willpower and motivation. Now this one I’m not sure about. So are you saying that if I keep the same routine I won’t need motivation? It’s been said it takes “21 days” to form a habit. So if you make the extra effort to do these routines and not quit after 5 days pretty soon you won’t care about the extra effort it takes to peel your eyes open and out the bed because you’ll already be ready.
    Builds momentum. Have you heard of the If you read a chapter a day saying? Momentum is a real thing and something that should be looked at with excitement. Especially since if you read a chapter a day you’ve read 365/66 chapters and that my friends is a lot of books!


If you’re still not completely sold, one of the accounts I follow on wechat- my new social media source since being abroad- just posted about this. The major takeaway for me? A routine eliminates stress.* So maybe that’s the golden ticket? Maybe keeping that in the back of our minds for the “21 days”*

will push us lazy ones?

So now what?

I think part most of it is knowing what you like and what you need. And if I’m being completely honest I don’t always know. My needs and wants are constantly changing. Maybe it’s the MS? maybe it’s my indecisive nature? Not sure. But, with all these claims of having this routine I think it’s worth it to try again….. you in?

For those of us that fall short in the routine department, should we try to come up with a routine? Let me know in the comments!

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Would love to hear your thoughts.....