Top three reasons seasons are needed in your life

It’s interesting to think about Seasons. There’s literally one for every part of life. 

Good seasons, seasons that aren’t so desirable and those in between. And as hard as it is to fathom, they are all needed. 

I recently listened to one of  Myleike Teel’s podcast and she touched on this topic-btw if you don’t listen to her you need to! Go get your entire life! During this podcast she said something that is so true…

“During fall and winter things slow down, plants die, its cold and damp and to the naked eye it looks like there is nothing happening. But, if we were to look closely we would see that the roots of the trees are growing, things are happening behind the scenes that are needed for the next season.”

It’s hard to think anything important is happening when it’s a dark season, i.e. you’re told bad news, you’re feeling stagnant at work/with a particular project, or the worst you get laid off.  It sucks! It’s a horrible time. And it’s hard to think that anything good is happening during it. But if we were to look closely all of this is needed.

Before you close your laptop, or click out of this post hear me out. Lets look at this more closely:

1. You’re told bad news – whether the news is coming from your doctor, i.e. more lesions, there’s something happening in this season that will be needed for the next. Maybe the bad news can help you in some way. Maybe whatever was said or done is the thing that will make you realize some really inconvenient truths. 

2. You’re feeling stagnant or not recognized at work-You can’t always be flourishing, there needs to be time for actual planting. You have the great idea – super! Now cultivate it. Have you ever heard the story of the person who had an idea, shot an idea from the hip and it failed? Yeah, me too! Don’t be that guy. Take your time, decide what it is you want to do, gather all the resources and if you’ve done that and it still doesn’t work out. Well, maybe its just not time yet. But keep, the idea ready! 

You’re not being recognized at work – maybe you are being recognized and you don’t know it yet. Or maybe, you’re not being recognized because you aren’t doing anything to be recognized! Read it again… maybe you’re not doing anything to be recognized for. Listen, we all think we’re great, and that may be true. But sometimes what we think is our best… isn’t, or what we think is great is only great for us. If thats the case, it’s okay. 

3. You’ve been laid off – This is the worst, the absolute pits. I’v only been laid off once in my entire working career and it was a total mind fuck. The only thing I can suggest is to take inventory of all things you’ve accomplished at that job,  and ask yourself if you really want to continue in that industry/ type of job? If not, count it as a blessing in disguise and ask yourself what it is you want to do, and if you can take your time finding the next job. If yes! Go get the next position and make sure it’s a good fit. 

The worst thing you can do, again unless you absolutely have to, is to take a job just to have a job to find out it completely sucks – Yep, been there too. 

So these are the bad seasons, what about the good? 

Enjoy it! Enjoy your winning season! 

               And continue to plan and get better. Don’t go on autopilot

What abut the good, the bad, and the eh…. 

1. If it’s a bad season –  there might be some reasons behind it, it might be the kick in the but you need, you might need to do some planting. 

2. If its a good season- good keep going, enjoy it and continue to work on your goals/ yourself. Protect what it flourishing and plan for the next season. 

3. If its an ‘eh’  season – you’re not winning and you’re not losing, you’re coasting. Take advantage of this time, do some planting,  do some pruning. 

Whatever season you’re currently in don’t worry. It will change-thats how seasons work. So be sure to act accordingly. 

Would love to hear your thoughts.....