This Girl is on Fire

Hello 2018!!! But more importantly, Hello to you party people! I know, it's been... a while. A LOT has happened. People have come. People have gone. There's been reunions and funerals, both literally and figuratively. However, this year, 2018, I've decided, will be all about wellness, truth and positivity. I went through the grieving period, went [...]


It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to.. step to step to... Okay! Now, that's over... Hello friends! What's new? It's been a few months er maybe  year since we've last chat. A LOT has happened. Friends have come and gone, places, things, bosses... I'm an [...]

I Hope You Dance

  It has been probably two months since I have gotten out of the house to do more than the following: Go to work Grocery shop Go to Support Group My life, as it sounds has been pretty boring. The reason being? Oh, I have MS! Seriously. The reason being, I was in denial and [...]

And We All Say Together….

I used to pray to God, "God thank you for giving me these friendships, thank god for putting these people in my life!" A short time later those “friends”, as I so graciously called them; those friends were no longer able to hide their true intentions. Their smiles turned to grimaces, and I started to [...]

Mind F$^#*

My apologies, but the title pretty much sums up last week, for me. The week started like any other, I was pretty pumped. Mainly because I’m pretty pumped to start each week- typical type A personality trait. I saw this quote one day on Instagram “Monday’s are fine, It’s your life that sucks” That quote [...]

One Step Closer…

This will be a journey. There is no easy way of figuring this out. No magic pill that I can take to reverse the affects of this crazy unpredictable disease. No way that I cannot have problems remembering things that have happened in my past. Two years are unaccounted for from college, including my freshman [...]