One Step Closer…

This will be a journey. There is no easy way of figuring this out. No magic pill that I can take to reverse the affects of this crazy unpredictable disease. No way that I cannot have problems remembering things that have happened in my past. Two years are unaccounted for from college, including my freshman [...]

Fear of the Unknown

I received an accommodations form today after talking to my Employee Relations Representative at work. Again, PD, there is no way that I would have ever even began to think of needing anything like that. I used to think of accommodations as something so perverse. Like, why can’t you just come to work and do [...]

In the beginning

My expectations in relation to my reality have changed over the past three months. Pre Diagnosis, or P.D., as I’ve come to call it. I could have a list down my arm to be completed. And would get everything accomplished before going to the gym for an hour, commuting the 45 minutes home to whip [...]